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Gene Lefevre Rd.

Cadyville, NY 12918




Tel: 518-578-4753


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Harnden Hollow is owned and operated by our small family, with an occasional helping hand from great friends. Our small, picturesque town is just a stone's throw from the great Saranac River and boasts a beautiful view of the Adirondack Mountains.


Farming has been a major aspect of Nick's life for generations. Melissa, a reformed city girl, has recently been introduced to the homesteading ways.  At Harnden Hollow, we keep chickens, turkeys, pigs, and bees; and we have recently purchased 25 additional acres, with the aim to add cows to our farm in the near future. Maintaining Harnden Hollow is something that we do in our spare time in order to both stay in touch with nature and provide good natural food for our table. We also truly enjoy instilling the value of hard work and a love of the outdoors in the youngest Harnden, little Noah.


Our most recent venture is the "Noah Shack". This is a small self serve stand for Noah to sell a bit of honey and honey products to those who pass by.  We hope you enjoy!



At Harnden Hollow, we place particular importance on working with our bees and truly enjoying the time we have with them. Our tried and true breeding process utilizes only queens that produce calm, workable bees. This means that our bees possess a pleasant demeanor, thus eliminating sight of one of us running around cursing a new, angry hive. Breeding calmer bees allows us to work the hives more often, and in turn, keep a healthier hive using more natural methods, (our bees forage primarily on all wild flowers).


Along with calmer bees, another defining characteristic of our hives is their winter survivability. Harnden Hollow is nestled deep in the Adirondack Mountains, which means that we Harndens (and our bees) are no strangers to cold weather and deep snow. Luckily, Mother Nature aids us in naturally selecting bees that will survive all four seasons; including flourishing springs, sweltering summers, picturesque autumns, and harsh winters. Additionally, because of the chemicals sometimes used for commercial growing, our hives are not produced to be pollinators for commercial purposes. On a limited basis, and with only trusted agents, we are willing to lend a hive or two - however any honey produced from these hives never receives a Harnden Hollow label. Harnden Hollow's all natural wild honey is something we take pride in producing and providing to our customers locally, nationwide, and across the globe. We hope you enjoy the sweetness of our labor!